Stone M202

A 45 pcs/set, comes with a wooden box (dims: 14.17"x 8.27"x 3.54").
-1 Extra Large pc, dims: 4.33"x2.76"x1.18"
-8 Large pcs, dims: 2.95"x1.97"x1.08"
-12 Medium pcs, dims: 2.56"x1.77"x0.69"
-12 Small pcs, dims: 1.48"x1.18"x0.69"
-2 Trigger Point pcs, dims: 3.15"x1.18"x0.69"
-8 Toe pcs, dims: 1.38"x1.08"x0.03"
-2 Eye Stone pcs, dims: 1.57"x1.18"x0.39"
-Total weight: 14.95 lbs
Note: All dimensions and weights are approximate only.

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